About the Art of Emotions

Our Program

Art of Emotions offers emerging and established artists an opportunity to showcase their original work to art lovers in Toronto and to a global audience online. 

The Toronto gallery will curate and host group exhibitions organized around various themes.  The same exhibitions will also be hosted on our website. 

Art of Emotions will also solo art exhibitions for artists whose style and subject matter align with our mission. 

The front entrance of Art of Emotions Fine Art Gallery, Toronto
The workshop room inside Art of Emotions Gallery

Our Mission

The mission of Art of Emotions is to exhibit art that reflects the inner emotional state and experience of the artist. 

Our Philosophy

What do we mean by “art of emotions”?  

At its simplest, we mean art that taps into the artist’s heart and soul and creates a possibility for deep emotional changes among those who see it.

The art of emotions in not necessarily representational in nature or style. It does not have to be limited to a photo-realistic depiction of facial or bodily expressions associated with emotions, for example.

We all select and remember information because it has an emotional impact on us. Artists too. They capture, interpret, and express what they feel in their work, which can touch and transform others.

Expressing emotions has become a part of art therapy, during which individuals without artistic skills express their emotions in the nonverbal mediums of shapes, colours and other elements of visual language.

While the therapeutic value of this approach is highly recognized, the “art of emotions” focuses on expressing emotions, and touching and transforming the audience who sees the artwork.  


The front reception area of Art of Emotions Gallery
One of the viewing rooms inside the gallery
Dr. Irina Valentin

Our History

Art of Emotions was founded in Toronto in 2020 by Canadian artist and neuropsychologist Dr. Irina Valentin, Ph.D., SCA.